Spring Forward, Bounce Back

In front of me tulips reach out of a mason jar. Their bright red buds awakening.. their life springing forth even in light of their ending. All that joy and celebration in the very same moment as their transition back to the earth. I feel their contentment. I feel their celebration. They are making use […]

Status Update

So it has officially been 3 months since I went Paleo and 1 1/2 months since I have gone AIP. With the exception of coffee for the first two weeks, it has been almost a full 30 days of strict AIP. I don’t know if I am ready for reintroductions yet. My scalp is still […]

Stop Chasing Healing, Embrace Living

As I finish up my second week fully committed to the Autoimmune Protocol, a modified version of the Paleo diet (caveman diet). I find myself reflecting on what I have accomplished. It is not easy to make changes, and it takes determination to be sure those changes really happen. I couldn’t imagine following the autoimmune […]