Status Update

So it has officially been 3 months since I went Paleo and 1 1/2 months since I have gone AIP. With the exception of coffee for the first two weeks, it has been almost a full 30 days of strict AIP. I don’t know if I am ready for reintroductions yet. My scalp is still showing signs of inflammation, although the itching and burning I was experiencing is almost non existent. Interesting things are happening though, I now have very faint red patches on my stomach. This is a new spot and not sure if there is something I am eating that is problematic or the detoxifying effects are causing this flair. I will say that for the most part my daily congestion upon waking is much better.

On a sad note I am beginning to feel that coconut is the problematic food. If I start to cook with the oil, use coconut flakes and make smoothies with coconut milk.. I start to feel bloated and experience mild constipation, and my scalp starts to flare a bit. I purchased a large tub of the oil,  and have a bit left of the coconut flakes so I am using up the flakes and cutting out the oil now to see how I feel.  During my last period I experienced a week-long headache and severe neck pain. I couldn’t say if the diet is having an effect on my hormones or if I was having an inflammatory response to the coconut I was eating. To combat it I upped my intake of Omega-3 fats in the form of fish oil and canned tuna. After a few days the headaches stopped and the neck pain cleared. Thank the stars for those fatty little fishes. I have also increased my fluid intake, it is difficult in the cooler months to stay hydrated!

There is so much positive information out there about the benefits of organ meat, but I have yet to include it. Bone broth is another healing tool that I have been sporadic about including. As I progress forward I am going to make more of an effort to include these superfoods. My veggie intake has been pretty good, but not Terry Whals good (she recommends 9 heaping cups or more a day, I average about 6.) and that is also a key component to healing. With all this said I don’t feel that it is a right time to reintroduce foods. I don’t feel well enough to be able to see if my body is having a clear reaction to any particular foods. I plan to stick to the AIP protocol for the month of February with the elimination of all things coconut, try to get bone broth on a daily basis and include organ meat at least 3 times for the month (though it should be 3 times or more per week!). I think after all that I have been through, these are easy goals to accomplish. I accept that a deep healing doesn’t happen overnight, it requires patience and faith.

Vegetables are delicious, and I have no problem gorging myself on them! There hasn’t been too much that has really tempted me these past 2 months but this week I started to crave chocolate and butter. I have curbed the chocolate craving with carob, but still have porno like daydreams of smearing warm butter on everything I eat. These cravings kind of tell me that I need more fat, and magnesium. Sugar cravings have been pretty high this week, drinking a lot of herbal tea to try to combat it.

To sum up my experience so far, it has been okay. I don’t feel better, but I don’t feel worse. My energy has picked back up after quitting coffee but I still experience an afternoon dip, I have been eating light snacks throughout the day to keep it up.



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