When the road begins at a journey’s end..

Many times in life we are given the opportunity to begin again. Sometimes in the midst of deep pain and sorrow, other times as a chapter closes.

I feel that my life’s journey has had many new beginnings. Some a struggle and some full of joy and surprise. Both have forged the trail to who I am today. They are part of my wholeness. They are necessary pieces to the puzzle.

Today I give gratitude for each of those moments that I came to the end of something, sat in that moment, and stared out ahead at the road that heads off to somewhere. It’s terrain takes shape in my mind and sometimes the path stretched out long before me, others it’s story hid from view.

Today I give gratitude for the roads not seen, the paths undiscovered, and the foot trails that await. Thankful to be journeying still, and thankful for those who’s journey guides the way.


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