Not So Matzoh Soup and My Weekly Groceries

Cool weather has finally come. Not so sure how long it will last, we usually have a few warm spells before it really manifests itself. It’s soup weather for the time being and what a great way to stretch your money and get your bone broth in at the same time. I personally haven’t gotten too into drinking bone broth straight. I have tried to drink a mug with breakfast but it doesn’t appeal to me the same way a steaming bowl of soup does, and I could settle for something as simple as broth with green onions and herbs. We eat with our eyes and that pop of green really gets me!

I threw this soup together this morning after a grocery run before work. It did take a little planning, but it is like wrapping my heart in a fuzzy blanket while my imaginary Bubba reads me stories.

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Not So Matzoh Soup

4 to 6 Cups Chicken Bone Broth. Reserve 1/2 Cup.

4 Stalks of Celery Diced

4 Carrots Diced

3 Turnips Diced

3 Cups Chopped Greens of your choice! I used Arugula.

2 to 4 Cups Filtered Water ( enough to equal 8 Cups of liquid including your broth, could also use only  8 Cups broth)

1 Tsp Good Quality Sea Salt

2 Pounds of Turkey Meatballs (Recipe follows)

I recommend getting your turkey meatballs ready the night before, to allow the flavors to marry together but they can be made the day of before you start your soup.

Add your chicken broth to a medium or large stock pot and turn heat on to medium high. As the broth heats, dice your carrots, celery, and turnips. Add your diced veggies to the pot, bring it all to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes. During this time I add my turkey meatballs to a non stick skillet with 2 tbsp of coconut oil that has been heated to medium heat. Every few (2-4) minutes I stir the soup and the meatballs, and once the meatballs have firmed up and are lightly browning I add the 1/2 cup of reserved broth. Cover the meatballs and let cook for 10 minutes on medium.

When the 20 minute timer goes off for the soup I add in my greens and lower the heat a little. Let the soup continue to simmer gently to cook your greens down a bit and to finish up your meatballs.

When the 10 Minutes are up for the meatballs I check one to be sure they are fully cooked. Cut it in half and if it’s white instead of pink I am good to go! Turn off the heat and pour the pan of meatballs into the soup pot.

Stir the meatballs into the soup, check for salt or add some pepper if you like, and it’s ready to serve!

This recipe makes a large quantity of soup so it’s great for a large family or for keeping you fed for the week.

Turkey Meatballs

2 Pounds of Good Quality Ground Turkey Breast ( Could also use turkey thigh or a mixture of both)

1 Cup of chopped Shallots ( Or any onion, whatever you have on hand!)

4 Cloves of garlic

1/4 Cup Finely Chopped Parsley

1 Tsp Dried Sage

1/2 Tsp of Good Quality Sea Salt

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

1/2 Cup of Chicken Broth (Reserved from soup)

Knead ingredients together in a large bowl until mixed together. Roll into bite sized or slightly larger balls (think Matzoh ball size). These are best made the night before but can also be made the day of if you are in a bind. To cook, heat coconut oil on medium to medium high heat until it is hot, add the meatballs and cook, turning every few minutes. When they start to lightly brown add the broth, cover and cook on medium for 10 minutes. This recipe can be turned into breakfast patties, burgers, or you can use these meatballs in any recipe that calls for them. They can also be frozen for a month or more to use later on.

Weekly Groceries

Here’s my groceries for the week. Since I am committing to following the Paleo Approach for my Psoriasis, as well as cooking all my meals (hopefully) at home. My budget per week for food for 2 adults is $100. This bundle of food cost me $71.26 and I will have $28.74 left for any small items needed throughout the week. It includes 8 servings of Wild Caught Salmon and a luxury item – coffee (not AIP!) from a local roaster. These two items make up for most of the bill. I will try to document all the meals I can make from this haul.

What’s your favorite luxury item from the store?


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